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1 ใน 7 สิ่งมหัศจรรย์ Chi Chen Itza

Chichen Itza

It Chi Chen, Sarah (UK: Chichen Itza; SpainChichén Itzá) is a large archaeological resources that are created by people in the Maya area Os Grand American culture. Located in Peninsula State U  Wagga tan tan in the Southeast of Mexico. Chi Chen, Sarah It is part of the city, many drugs that they have been created to commemorate the god who crave his blood.       
The nature of the cotton chain It Jesus. Polygon made downgraded storied area of approximately 6.4 square kilometers on the stairs at the central sanctuary is called maximal. Cathedral of the men. Built in 12 century after the creation of the Old Cathedral fly mole. Build a castle in the middle edge higher opacity. Used as a ceremonial sacrifice to the god by young children cast as the favorite gift was made around the area off the market the same way the Romans just static places. The center is a public and a total crowd.
Maya people of Mexico tribe descended from the people their first trip from Asia to the Americas by Ebring Strait. Cultural development is both a barbarous and cruel in their understanding while the high.

1.  Stairs                                              บันได

2. Cathedral                                         วิหาร

3. God                                                   เทพเจ้า

4. Present                                             ถวาย

5. Sided                                                เหลี่ยม    

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