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Petra (πέτρα) is the ancient city carved stone hidden in the mysterious valley wah good example of Moses Lake valley, located between the sea Eddsi AL Baton c in Jordan. Traditionally, this city is the large commercial city, which later were abandoned for more than 700 years, and when people have a poll Inc. Switzerland Johann F Quik tab group that Mark Hart go through. been exposed to the Year 2355 (This was in 1812).
Petra has been registered by Organization UNESCO as world heritage by the year 2528 BC that described. “One of the things that’s most precious cultural heritage of mankind” (one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage) [1] can now only go into the living horse.


1. City rocks                               นครหิน

2. Carvings                                    แกะสลัก

3. Valleys                                    หุบเขา

4. Between                                 อยู่ระหว่าง

5. Trade                                      การค้า





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