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1ใน7สิ่งมหัศจรรย์ TajMahal


Hal touch the marble mausoleum where people believe that architecture is the most beautiful love in the world. Was created by the Indian king who loves his consistency, his consort. Prince Ku’s Rum. ‘d later, the Emperor Shah Beach for a royal birth in the Year 2135 (This was in 1592) His father was Emperor Shah Beach for a nun’s God Emperor of the fourth dynasty of India, the legendary young Motionwear said. that. Prince Ku met with Norway’s Rum Management shoo them take control support Perry’s daughter with his ministers when He Chnmaiu 14 rainy season He lost passion and love her. Prince Ku’s Rum has purchased 10,000 diamond silver rupee and tell his father that He is His desire to marry daughters of ministers. อภิเษก ceremony was held after 5 years in 2155 BC (This was in 1612), then the two have not been far apart in another.

Touch to Hal is considered as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Touch to Hal is located in Garden River  dive in Nha R. Kraft is the most famous grave of her victory over the Force that was created by Hal white marble adorned laterite design jewelry and jasper. Jewelry from friendly countries. Receive certification that the ratio created by the most artistic and beautiful. Length of 100 meters wide by 60 meters high with the building design and construction of 20,000 people join forces to 22 years, Hal has a touch of approximately 42-acre area is home to a mosque R. Hall, San (tower notification requirements for a time. prayer) and other construction that the design engineer Geus Tartar name Isa is not to the death penalty to any beautiful architectural design than has. The head of the touch dome resembles Hal officer called soft dome.


1. Marble                                           หินอ่อน

2. Dome                                            โดม

3. Design                                           ออกแบบ

4. Memorial                                        อนุสรณ์

5. Love                                              ความรัก



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